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High Heel Sisters

Scandinavian Performance Art in NRW - 2004

(Scandinavia performance artists - 2nd part   3rd part)

Scandinavian performance artists on their way to Germany…

Friday the 16th of july
at Maschinenhaus in Essen

some of the young members from Fylkingen in Stockholm, and friends in the feminist artist group High Heel Sisters will do some actions. You are welcome to join us, the evening starts at seven.
Soon more information at:
www.maschinenhaus-essen.de or send a mail to a.linder@chello.se or asabank@asa.de

Lina Selander – Reconstruction
KOEFF - Extended Spring Cleaning Tour
High Heel Sisters - High Art Fraktione

Curator: Anna Linder
Invited by: Boris Nieslony

Lina Selander – Reconstruction
Textperformance in relation to a video- and soundcomposition.
Reconstruction is made out of photos (inststamatic pictures) which are sewn in and reversed. These images were all very ordinary with typical scenes from a family album: vacations, trips abroad, family gatherings etc. The threads in the pictures  coast sewn to ocean, clouds to sky or people sewn to each other  marks a way of codifying the emotional relations in the images, thus controlling an interpretation of them and highlighting (while at the same time trying to bridge) the gap between image and reality. The sewing threads and the holes from the needle in the images emerged as the essence of an intense and hidden reality, containing a truth which was lacking in the original images. The reversed images show this unveiled truth, but in a language that cannot really express it. I then used the reversed images with the stitches, holes and threads (and inverted in order to return to the negative, basic photographic image) as a musical score for a digital composition. The red dot reading the diagram like figures and transforming them into sound becomes a staging of the act of remembering. It reads the repressed and hidden, and what hides behind the screen memory.
Lina Selander lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden
She work with film, photography, text and sound, often with an interdisciplinary strategy. Recurrent topics in her work are the poetic dialogue between narration and abstraktion, the dissolution and metamorphosis of time and memory, thier compulsiveness and intensity expressed in a conceptual, minimalistic form. She work with the self-reference of images, both still and moving. The works are about a merging of abstract with narration, She de-compose and re-compose film or sound as narrative structure. She wants the works to stage their own essence, and in so doing, to unveil a field where new meaning emerge.

KOEFF - Extended Spring Cleaning Tour
KOEFF is an abbreviation of a mathematical term, in this case used as in the world of
horse dressage in which a referee protocol gives higher scores to a seemingly simple
figure like pacing. That is really to put a horse through his paces!
KOEFF is Johanna Rosenqvists solo project after she left the Swedish Power-Electronics/Industrial-duo INSTITUT (records released on CMI (Cold Meat
Industry), Sweden and Sin Org, Italy). The performance "Extended Spring Cleaning Tour"
is a part of a series of acts with household machines producing noise-scapes.
This time a vacuum cleaner is her lead instrument. Johanna Rosenqvist lives and works in Malmö, Sweden.

High Heel Sisters - High Art Fraktione
High Heel Sisters (HHS) present "High Art Fraktione"(HAF) in Maschinenhaus Essen 16 July 2004. HAF consist of several fractions where body, sound and nature are patched together with power (laughter).
With a shared interest in gender, power, art, society and rock´n´roll the members of feminist artist group HHS came together in Trondheim in the spring of 2002. They realised that their height (close to six feet), age (thirtyplus) and large feet (size ten) provided a common denominator: This is power. Or as they like to put it: It is a question of having or not having access to the privileges that determine our positions in society, and of our possibilities to act and interact within the very system that restricts the changes we want to achieve.
The members are: Karianne Stensland, Trondheim/Norway, Line S. Karlström, Copenhagen/Denmark and Malin Arnell, Stockholm/Sweden.

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