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Art of Encountering VI

Performance Art, models to meet and pending communications in reciprocal transfer

October 13.   Orangerie-Theater, Volksgartenstrasse 25, 50677 Cologne,  19:00
October 14.   city walk in Cologne, starting point will be announced later, Launch 13:00 bis 16:00
October 15.   Carlswerke Köln Mülheim BEOS AG , Schanzenstrasse 6 -20, 51063 Köln 19:00

October 16.   city walk in Bonn, starting point will be announced later. Launch 13:00 - 16:00

The participating artists
Artists from China: CHEN Jin / FENG Weidong / HE Chengyao / LI Xiaomu / QIAO Shengxu / WANG Chuyu / XIANG Xishi / ZHOU Bin
PAN Vienna, Im_flieger und ChinaCultureDesk will present on one day the chinese artists and at next day some open encounter with artists from Vienna
Artists from Vienna: Daniel Aschwanden / Jan Machacek / Sabine Marte / Gertrude Moser-Wagner / Brigitte Wilfing
The "performancelaboratorium" Linz: present only the chinese artists
Artists from Switzerland: Simone Etter / Iris Ganz / Monica Günther / Muda Mathis / Chris Regn / Ruedi Schill / Sus Zwick
Artists from Art-Lab Kunstpavillon: Petra Deus / Yingmei Duan / Anne Hoffmann /Boris Nieslony / Ute-Marie Paul / Delphine Richer / Evamaria Schaller
The festival Interval °7, Essen presents the chinese artists and an open source outdoor performance.
Artists from Action-Lab PAErsche: Yingmei Duan / Frank Homeyer / Taisiya Ivanova / Lala Nomada / Mark Met / Christiane Obermayr / Thomas Reul / Carola Willbrand - and the Open Source Walking in Bonn
Artists from ACTUS: Pierre Berthet / Maud Hagelstein /Anais Heraud / Yingmei Duan / Boris Nieslony / Gwendoline Robin / Barbara Roland / Gaetan Rusquet / Evamaria Schaller

European organizer, network partners and venues belong this project:
°  PAN Vienna / A (Daniel Aschwanden, Brigitte Wilfing) + Verschwender (Sabine Marte, Daniel Aschwanden) +
   Im_flieger (Anita Kaya, Brigitte Wilfing) + Institut für Interaktive-Raumprojekte (Gertrude Moser-Wagner) +
   ChinaCultureDesk (Alice Schmatzberger, Ingrid Fischer-Schreiber)
°  "performancelaboratorium", Linz / A + FAMA (Elisa Andessner) + Die Fabrikanten, Linz / A (Wolfgang Preisinger)
   +  BB15, Linz / A
°  Marianne Papst, Simone Etter, Gisela Hochuli + Kaskadenkondensator Basel / CH
°  Art-Lab Kunstpavillon / AIM e.V. Burgbrohl, RLP / D (Karin Meiner)
°  Festival Interval, Essen / D (Marita Bullmann) + ERDgeschoss, Essen / D
°  PAErsche, Cologne / D + Orangerie, Cologne / D (Evamaria Schaller, Rolf Hinterecker, Boris Nieslony)
°  Künstlerforum, Bonn / D (Susanne Grube + PAErsche)
°  Actus, Liége / Belgium, Ricochets + ESAVL + (Béatrice Didier, Maud Hagelstein)

http://paersche.org :: www.maritabullmann.de/interval :: http://paersche.org/portfolio/actus-iv-liege/ :: http://www.fabrikanten.at :: http://www.esavl.be/ :: www.kasko.ch :: www.kunstpavillonburgbrohl.de :: http://imflieger.net
facebook: PAErsche / Actus /

                                                                  Xian artists performing a collective event

Full thanks for support to the following sponsors
ifa - Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen
Im_flieger / ChinaCultureDesk / Bundeskanzleramt Österreich

Bundeskanzleramt kunst, Österreich / Kulturland Oberösterreich / Linz Kultur / bb15
"performancelaboratorium" / Fama / Die Fabrikanten
Kulturstiftung des Kantons Thurgau / Kanton Basel-Stadt_Kultur / swisslos Kanton
Kultursekretariat Wuppertal
Kulturbüro Essen / AIM . V. /
Stadt Köln, Kulturamt / Stadt Köln internationale Angelegenheiten „Städtepartnerschaften gestalten“
Gesellschaft der Chinafreunde e.V. / Carlswerk-ein Projekt von BEOS
Künstlerforum Bonn / Stadt Bonn Kulturamt
Ricochets / École Supérieure des Arts / Province Liège / Ville de Liège /

some thoughts for the project

Since 2005, there has been existing a continuing and stable exchange between artists from Asia and various networks in Europe and this in a two years rhythm. The Far East artists are invited to provide a distribution of their practices and theoretical backgrounds of their cultural activities. Responsible for the last 2 encounters and this newest edition is PAErsche - Performance - Art laboratory.
This year, 2015, eight artists from Mainland China are visiting the network partners from Austria, Switzerland, Belgium and Germany.
In this encounter more than 30 artists from the European partner countries and the eight Chinese guests are meeting each other. The duration of the project is scheduled for six weeks. The experimental fields of this Nomadic Artist's Resident Project are diverse spaces, venues and public communicative situations.
In the experiment, the relation artist / audience is brought to unfold and to go further and beyond other artistic practices.
The offer of the European partners covers a wide spectrum: starting with the classic white cube (gallery), black theatre spaces and a factory hall with their raw charm. Then across into urban and industrial landscapes that can be marked by interventions and walks.
Other fruitful areas are small provincial centres, f.e. marketplaces. In between there are excursions in natural environments - heights, valleys, woods and quarries. Accompanying roundtables and information sessions are held, which are organized in cooperation with cultural centres and art associations.
The Chinese artists were invited because they maintain the braid of “exchange, gift and their return presents” and the communication between the public and their own aesthetic interests in these experimental fields and media.
Similarity and difference to the practices of European artists is fundamental and orientation for this meeting. PAErsche and our partners in this spanning project are interested, among other questions: How is this aesthetic focus and how can we let emerge this practice? The artists will show pieces and actions of Live Art and Performance as solitary artists or in cooperation and interaction
The artists will show pieces and actions of Live Art and Performance as solitary artists or in cooperation and interaction. The outbound range includes the physical sounding of intentions and situations, across to narrative sequences of living images and daily poetical gestures and intensive interactions.

Some artistic phenomena peeled in advance of the meeting as matters out
1. Since the art of encounter does not rely on products but on floating media is: a – the central artistic fact the practical application of these media placed every time in different situations in time and space. B – attitude is inherent as a floating medium of art of encounter. How to show the different influences of attitude? C – The interaction, the energetic coherence in the apparent as communication is the substantial event in the performance as art of encountering. (syn-energetic simultaneity in the difference to guided groups, object-oriented performance and managed participation)
2. PAErsche has developed in the Open Source a method to work together with specific culturally grown and thereby differently motivated artists. Instead of closed product ranges, the focus is directed to figure out the current framework.
3. It turns out to be needs an untouchable to meet, which is supported as an active peculiarity between cultures, an essential, floating medium.
4. How is emerge from touching the untouchable a realism of the body and how does it unfolds a field of temporary community in which the participants can themselves unfold as large as possible? How should be the touching like, that the untouchable stays unaffected in all, innumerable shaped act in situations? Stringent and exciting question at every live art and performance acts. A finely-ranging bouquet of questions to the guests and the hosts.
5. How do performative acts, live art strategies and cultural actions refer to something outside standing, avoiding patch self-referentiality, although they are self-referential in the sense of unfolding communication?
6. How do cultural experiments create significations and singular sense?
7. What will follow if the six weeks of (the project) have passed What will be happen in the six passing weeks? Which kind of pleasant surprise will emerge?



PAErsche Aktionslabor NRW

have a look about the activities from 2009 - 2013 (and early 2014)


the catalogue about this activities (2009 - 2013) are available,

please get in contact with us

and facebook: PAErsche


the blog: „The lying on the floor, abandoned to lie"
An exhibition about material in Performance Art formed by E.P.I. Zentrum Cologne and
Sibylle Ettengruber MAERZ-Gallery Linz/A and more than 80 artists around the world.

Information about the exhibition: lying-sitting-standing-walking-jumping-flying/falling
is available too under following blog address


  'The Black Kit'    The Performance Art Archive

full info here :: Black Kit - The Performance Art Archive (pdf)

The Black Kit, Linz /A 1998

The Black Kit contain the Material and the ideas many single persons, groups, organizations, associations and information about
It contain documentation about events, festivals and other forms of presentation with structure of communication.
The B.K. host information, texts, facts about projects which gave directions in the performance art network.
Included are also temporary projects as potential material.

In der Schwarzen Lade konzentriert sich das Material und die Ideen vieler Personen und Gruppierungen.
Sie enthält die Dokumentation vieler Veranstaltungen mit kommunikativen Strukturen, sie archiviert die Informationen
von Organisationen, Associationen, Artist-Run-Spaces und Projekte, die richtungsweisend waren seit 1975.
Nicht ausgeschlossen sind auch Projekte die temporär auftraten, kurzfristig lebten oder nie realisiert wurden,
sich als Potential ind das Archiv sedimentierten.

Further on, as an archive the B.K. Has contents
a) embrace a collection of theoretical publications (texts , essays, books, catalogues, artists-statements) about performance,
performance art, performing arts and intermedia arts.
It contents 3000 named international artists, 500 Dossiers and documentation about the different organizations in the
different performance art networks.
b) concepts and information about intentions for cultural, social and public spaces. Also alternated activities in the society.

Als Archiv sind in der Schwarzen Lade desweiteren verfügbar:
a) eine umfassende Sammlung theoretischer Äußerungen über Performance, Performance-Art, Performing Arts und artverwandte,
intermediale Künste
Dossiers, Photos, Videos und Audios von ca 500 Performance-Art KünstlerInnen weltweit, Dokumentationsmaterialien der
verschiedenen Knoten der verschiedenen Performance-Netzwerke.
b) Konzepte und Informationen über die unterschiedlichste Bestrebungen, Gesellschaft, kulturelle und soziale Räume neu und
anders zu bestimmen, die Alternativen.

Die Schwarze Lade - „The Black Kit“ und „Das Archiv des E.P.I. Zentrums„


Die öffentliche Archiv-Skulptur /  Gestalt:

physisch: Regal-Skulptur als gleichmässig geschlossener Körper auf Rollen, auseinanderziehbar und zu öffnen wie eine
Ziehharmonika, beidseitig gleichermaßen bestückt, außer die Endstücke. (ist zu verändern wenn fest stationiert)
(siehe Bild)

Als mentale Skulptur hatte sie einen hermetisch, gnostischen Anspruch der Erfahrung.
In die Digitalisierung führend müßten entsprechende Module entwickelt werden. Neue Körper, beweglicher, kleinere Module,
digitalisierte Körper, wenn Module - welche Qualität hat die Monade? Monade - Nomade = Die Stifter

Die Skulptur des Öffentlichen Interesses

Die Schwarze Lade hatte in ihrer Entwicklung, in ihrem Wachsen wiederholt Veröffentlichung erfahren.
1. Skulptur 2. Material/Index 3. Forschung

1.1. (Schwarze Lade 1981 - 2000)

9 Regale mit je 5 Fächer. Jedes Regal 2m hoch, 1m breit, 60cm tief, beidseitig bestückt.
Diverse Holzkisten mit Poster, Relikten,

1.2. (Archiv des E.P.I. Zentrum 2000 -2008)
5 Regale mit je 5 Fächer. Jedes Regal 2m hoch, 1m breit, 60cm tief, beidseitig bestückt.
6 Regale mit je 5 Fächer. Jedes Regal 2m hoch, 1m breit, 45cm tief, beidseitig bestückt.
Große Plastik-Röhren als Rollen für Poster, Diverse Holzkisten, Koffer mit Relikten,

Gesammelte, gespeicherte Medien sind einige mit Index aufgeschlüsselt:Briefwechsel und e-mails; Presse über KünstlerInnen,
Schachteln; Ordner mit Dossiers; Texte, Statements von und über KünstlerInnen;
digital erfasst ca. 3000 KünstlerInnen.
Digital erfasst, Texte, Essays von KusthistorikerInnen, TheoretikerInnen

wichtige Performance-Bücher seit den Mittsiebzigern; themen-bezogene Periodicas, Kunstzeitschriften;Informationen über
Festivals, Events, wichtige Organisationen, Flyer, Poster, Kataloge; Dossiers,

etwa 800 Video's (U-matic,VHS-Bänder, Video 8, Hi8, MiniDV, DVD, etc. 

Desweiteren Schallplatten, Audio-Tapes,CD's über Sound-Art, Poesie Sonore, Sprach-Performances, Literatur-Performance. Musik und Performance, theoretische Vorträge als CD's, etc. 

ca. 2000 Dias, S/W Negative seit 1979, Photo-Abzüge. Bild-CD's, CD-Rom's.

Weitere Medien sind Objekte, Relikte von Performances, T-Shirts, Transparente von Festivals, Materialien der KünstlerInnen etc.


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