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There is a place in time to be determined which no longer stamps the audience as audience; no longer damns the artists to art alone; and temporarily frees them from "being on show". The place of many places and the time of many times; there, the fish will be carved and Hamlet recited. Stages, spaces, situations and images are offered there that seldom or never can be (let alone want to be) presented in a gallery, a museum, a theater or an art space. Sitting in the car, driving: the favorite artist, the favorite actress, the admired musician and the admiring listener, the enthusiastic theater goer or the dreamy art collector; and what is to be done? Dreams are set into scenes. Wishes are recited. Scene for scene the lecturer becomes the listener. The positions are changed, perhaps also assigned. It is a place for straight questions and straight answers. The "piece": through one person for one other person, the viewer per se in contradiction and consolation. There, games are developed, played out for show and shifted into the light of the most personal, most intimate stage. The performance, the sculpture, the painting - the piece is presented there with no intention of play, for the seriousness of life conceals the desires and lets the abilities slumber. At the place which makes all places possible the Service will be installed and the connections linked; the place of commitment, the effective bond between giver and taker; the place, ASA.

SCULPTURE The central office shall be organised by us as a public sculpture with posted visiting hours. (Container Office)

CLAIM Setting up the SERVICE, particularly the Art-Service Association (ASA), relates to the binding of values, of cultural values that are practiced among people within a social association (society). ASA-European, as an organisation, has made the placement of values its chief and binding task. Personal wealth and the exchange of this wealth is also to be seen in terms of values. If an exchange does not develop, if the offering is impossible to set and money is engaged as the means of communication, then all service becomes a commodity and will be carried out as a financial enterprise.

THE MENU The presenters of RENT AN ARTIST have composed a menu listing and specifying the offers of those performing the service. There, it is possible to select individual requests if they serve as a bases for the performers most-personal interests. It is desirable that special offers are suggested and it is also possible to develop offers together with members of ASA-European . The names, photographs and the suggested menu specifications are stored both electronically and on paper.

When his wishes as a service recipient have been defined, this information is then presented to the person interested. Thereafter, the framework will be set for the meeting and the beginning of the service. Just how useful other structures such as fliers, newspapers, magazines, radio and television etc. are to the menu offer should be discussed.

HANDLING AND PROCEDURE The people in the Office-Sculpture will set up the communication the coordination between the service-recipient and the service-performer. As soon as the two service partners are shunted onto the same line, the contact to the office will be interrupted for the duration of the service.

If the service performed is one of exchange then the highest form of value, DIE GABE, has taken place. (satisfaction all around) If the money factor is brought in, the negotiated guidelines come into effect. Among these guidelines is a tribute of ten percent payable to ASA-European.

ASA-European does not strive to, but will on request, document each performance. However, it is better that this be arranged by the service partners themselves.
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