ASA-European will install an index about performance-art and it´s network

The index will include worldwide information about performance artists, performance events, theoretical movements, researches, documents, organizations and so on. We collect dossiers by the artists, documents and catalogs of events and festivals, reviews, projects, addresses of organisations, theoretical reflections and statements.

The basic research lies in a different definition and development of the image in life, in another sight of body in space. Above all, the body and the public as a result of the political movement, social behaviour in the daily life and reflections about a different sight of body-researches in art and science and images of communication.

The results are a big locomotion, a big agility, in selforganisations, in projects, and in the development of networks in the culture of performance art since 1975.

In the future, ASA-European will install a computer-based terminal, attached to Internet, about this performance network and the movement of ideas since 1975.

In preparing this research, we have some questions, some demands and we will be pleased to receive your kind answers.

1. How would you clasify your worky, please mark accordingly.

Agit-Pop; Action; Expanded-Performance; Street-Art Performance-Art; Performing-Art; Theater-Performance; Life-Art; Audio-Performing; Video-Performance; Sculpture in Motion; Dance-Performance; Life-Painting Life-Pictures; Life-Mimikry; Sound-Performance;


2. Do you work in different kinds of media?

Installation; Painting; Sound; Sculpture; Video; Movie; Multimedia; Electronic Media; Intervention; etc.


3. Do you work in cooperation, in groups, in associations?

4. Do you understand the cooperation work as a kind of art?

If so, please describe context and conception.

5. Do you have imaginations to develop the networks in performance art?

6. Please, when you want, send us some compendium, dossier about your work (texts, videos, slides, photographs, reviews,...).

7. Can you inform us about important documentations, books, texts, catalogs, researches in the field of performance-art and associated areas?

8. Can you help us with contacts, addresses and will you inform other performance artists or organizations about this project.

Please send your answer to following address:

ASA - European, Rathenauplatz 35, D - 50674 KÖLN

Also we are collecting material, dossiers, books, magazines, video and sound documents by your own activities and by any events, festivals or actions around the world.
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