TOTORO - JAPANESE PATAPHYSIAN of his research will be on the typical behaviour of the Japanese „ to take pictures in front of a famous places of scenic and historical interest“

Dearest regarded Totoro,

At the very beginning I want to sent out all my gratitutes for your letter from March 26th and May 19th, which where written to me by your team in Japan.
Since a little while now I get more and more neglected by my secretary, Mr. Boris Nieslony, who prefers to mix up his personal interests with his important mission of the institute as natural as mixing water with oil. On one hand he is an indispensable collaborator of the institut, on the other hand he is extraordinarily hard to bind and prefers to dawdle around over his hobbyies which there are the fine arts, the contemporary art and, of cause, the performance art costing all his energy so that he looses his perspective in serveral tasks offered by the institute, and especially the support of my delicatest mission The Devined and Devinitive Positing of the Archimedean Point.

As you see, I have to remind him seriously on the priorities all the time that we are able to continue our correspondence. However, he is quiet restless but unpayable character of our institute.
Next to your writings you sent a small photograph possible showing you on one branch of the cherry-tree.... an appearence of the spirit of nature ?
Easily I can imagine that inside this landscape, inside this trees a research would succeed more than well and so with I hurry up to find the way to your extraordinary letter and my answers to it.
The foundation of our institute ensued in several steps which I cann´t declare through this small letter but I would like to explain some short facts:

The first step was a kind of selection. I met Mr. Boris Nieslony as I saw him passing by the shopwindow I was sitting in and I would like to describe it this way. I commanded him to found this institute and to be my secretary for the rest of his life. His qualification to realize this command immediately was the ability to wake me from my farytaly dreams by taking me out of the shopwindow and standing his own under my services. The date of founding the institute was some days later, in the year 1981.
The first and delicatest mission of the institute is the one I have to solut: The Defined and Definitive Positing of the Archimedean Point. One other mission of my secretary was to find further collaborators qualified for my delicatest mission and for the needs of this institute.
The exercises enclose the representation and development of „  imaginary solutions „ with a familar gestus as fallowed to the pataphysical aknowledgment in a long, now 100 years holding tradition. The pataphysical technic and science is the exemption of the human from his own intricacies to take them further and find out the related solution.

Since each exercise is related to persons working them out of the institute changes its attribute by the level of presence of this persons. To name some examples of the institute´s daily life:
Long years had worked our collaborator Mr.Bernhard Schwarz in the researches of „ The Normatife Equivalent-Theory „ in human spaces.
Our collaborator Madam Elisabeth Steger has a very important theme: First you brake windows - later on you are a window.
Our Collaborator Mr. Boris Nieslony researches - next to his service as my secretary - the relation between „ Koans and Daily Life Plots „ and within his profession as a „ sniffing nose „ he searchs for intricacies of the human conciousness within the subproject „ Atlantis „
In order to that the name which you , regarded Totoro, wanted to give to the frame of our plan of meeting in Japan is not right, „ The Defined and Definitive Positing of the Archimedean Point „ is a special exercise of my institute but not theme at the meeting between us. In case that you also have this special vision and you want to solut the same problem in your country, it is existing as much in your country as in mine, I would like to know which steps are reveled to me to recognice this positioning of the Archimedean Point or, to think further, how is this positioning to do ?
Please don´t hasitate to tell every success and each detail of your experience to me and my institute, if this the case.
However, I recognize a perspective on your researches ( is this really a research or is it one of the hobbies which my secretary use to practice ?) which you describe as follows:
One of your researches will be the typical behaviour of the Japanese „ to take pictures in front of famous places of scenic and historical interests.“
In this sence I want to begin with questions:
1. What does this have to do with the theme „ The Defined and Definitive Positing of the Archimedean Point „ ?
2. What is the vision behind for the solution of the „ typical behavior of the Japanese “ ?

Dearest Totoro you are waking my couriosity, how you will apply the pataphysical solution (or other solution, I don´t know) for this problem. My couriosity is so rigorous that it´s forcing me to join your experiences in this affair.
In one thing I´m quiet sure, and these are unalterable conditions of such attitutes of the science which you -  as spirit of nature - and me  - as a pataphysician - use to practice: „ Parody “, how are you telling me in your last letter, is not a technic to solut a problem. Parody is a part of the prejudice and confusion of the human within their hobbies enclosing f.e. the art, the science, the economy and all kinds of social forms of human life, how I allready mentioned before. Only our self-evidents, our responsibility, the matter of course of our visions exempt the human from thier problems.
Likewise your annotation about the copyright takes part in this situation. I guess, that this problem showed up by a missunderstanding and there by eveolved a political confusion.
Visions which suppose to exempt the human out of their selfmade actions and selfcrochet problems ( and I can imagine this suppose of you, as a spirit of nature) have nothing to do with questions of copyrights.
Our institute agrees with the questions of conciousness how they are exercised from you and from our institute and preserving the deepest structures of culture. This structure should neither be govern by the hobbies or works of the human nor controlled by the prejudice of „ his conception of the world and his critic to it „ .
In this context the meeting between yours, regarded Totoro, and my humble self should happen within two substantial strategies:
1. The meeting should allways happen in the public and enclose different public institutions. The Gallery Aoyama would be our office of strategies and our collection-point for appearing documents, which could be presentated there. The representation of your researched subjects and the ones of our institute should help to promote the solution of problems and the exemption from problems. As an example: From my point of view it is nessesary to represent the introduction and demonstration of  The Defined and Definitive Positing of the Archimedean Point  of an observatory and/or inside an university.
2. Since the intended research is impossible without help it is nessesary to gain other collaborators. They are to find through promoting.

I´m very delighted that your secretary - or how do you call these collaborators in your country ? - Chikako Mori will help you to realize the meeting between us and the demostration of your researches and the ones of our institute. Likewise I´m gladden about your success in gaining Mrs. Junko Aikawa and the Gallery Aoyama for organizing the meeting .

Now it is time to slide off and brake the last contacts to the realities for today,  farewell regarded Totoro, I start to passover, slow and slippy.
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