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1. The Advent of the „Archimedean Point“

Regarding the fact of a historical discovery and the errant development resulting from it. In the history of humankind, facts are those kinds of events which spawn knowledge „with the certitude of sensual perception.“ The „Copernican turn“ left hypothesis and fancy, appearance and speculation to the empirical world of Galileo and his instruments. The subsequent and ever again emerging condition between doubt and uncertainty is called revelation.

The „Archimedean Point“ came about.

„Only we live in a world, in which such knowledge is applied to our planetary nature and our humanly produced world as was discovered from a point of view which we chose to be remote from the earth and located in space.“ Knowledge concerning this point of view is called the „Archimedean Point“, which states: „Let me have a point in infinite space and from it I will unhinge the world.“

Wouldn’t it have sufficed to give some worker a helping hand?

This point became the decisive factor of the humanities, of the sciences, and all politically oriented creeds now had the leverage.

Rational and rationalized thinking has turned against humankin, since from that time on and thus naturally also today everything is considered and executed from this „Archimedean Point“, even though this „point“ has not been found, let alone posited.

The revelation left us waiting in the dark.

As a lyric incunabulum it haunts all the cultures in this world and their inhabitants.

Consequently, the central act, the central thought to be manifested is the „definitive and indefinite positioning of the Archimedean Point.“ And this now is the most urgent concern of the „Institute for Pataphysical Spacetravel.“

The advent of the „Archimedean Point“, its definitive and indefinite positioning, and the release of this problem from the duality of heaven and earth has now been declared by the Institute´s Director Prof.Dr.B.Cappy the sole purpose of his being.

2. History of the Institute The founding assembly took place on 5/10/1981 at 5am.

1982/83 B.Schwarz, a member of our Institute, dimensioned „Institutefor Pataphysical Spacetravel and Valuative Equivalence-Theory“ from the foundational statutes. As the magnitude of the task to posit the Archimedean Point emerged with ever increasing clarity, our Institute along with Prof.Dr.B.Cappy detached itself from equivalent valuations, from secularizing activities and responsibilities
1988 The degree of the magnitude is verified. Start of the organizational Count-down Accordingly is the point in time.

3. Regarding the Institute

Regarding the Institute´s director nothing whatsoever is to be noted. His readiness for the task relieves him of any presentation, proof or curriculum vitae. Circumstances allowing, his previously accomplished contributions can be investigated at the Institute, they are subject to the set goal and its stringency.

4. Stringency of Executation

The production of a satellite agreeing with the measures and parameters of Prof.Dr.B.Cappy, as well as all technical prerequisites for interstellar flight. After completion of the satellite, it will be transported into earth-adjacent space, aimed, and released from our solar system at great speed of travel. The collaboration of the Space Administrations in the first and second world is indispensable. On the day when the booster rockets are fired and Prof.Dr.B.Cappy will finally begin with the fulfillment of his innermost task, all state-controlled television-stations in the above-named worlds start with airing every day after the evening news a broadcast of approx.3 minutes in duration. That broadcast will: a - elucidate the purpose of the flight, b - visualize each respective location (aided by astronomical symbols, photographs from space, etc., with collaboration from mathematicians and astronomers), c -incorporate about one minute of the sound-signals emitted by the space-craft. Form and modification are to be worked out with the stations and the Institute for „Pataphysical Spacetravel“. The governments of the various countries guarantee the nightly transmission of this event. The governments of these countries deem it their most momentous task to provide a foundation in the law for the designation and of „the definitive and indefinite positioning of the Archimedean Point.“ Further concretions are not to be provided here.

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