Rough facts and insights concerning ongoing "affairs", those further divestitures of the mental network, that series of events which serve to bind, link and portray the nodes of the network... The term refers to an interplay between personal standpoints and the interactive development of events, situations and installations. It refers to The Binding

The regionally specific is networked. The information is shared and the structures cooperate in the interest of common development. The Gastgeberprinzip(Host Principle), mirrored through DIE GABE, is decisive here. Idea and concept are the imagined analogy of an interest. In several cities and regions of Europe, ASA found a high appreciation for performance and installation among artists and art enthusiasts. This was a prerequisite but it was not the sole reason for this concept. In dealing with elemental sources and their, as ASA terms it, poetic pilfering, I found a bond that reaches beyond the usual. Under certain conditions, elemental sources are matter and material forces (earth, water, fire, light, air, sound, etc). The elemental sources correspond to archaic images (actions and gestures that create space and geometry of movement, which are symbolic in performance and in theater). They also correspond to the basis of all being: the game.

CURRENT AFFAIRS is where the changing structures or situations (nodal points) within a mental network correspond to each other according to process.

Situations and events developed as CURRENT AFFAIRS, are not different: a - in the presentation of artwork b - in forms of organisation and negotiation c - in the intended art appreciation of similar manifestations which call themselves exhibitions and performances.

An art piece which finds itself in a CURRENT AFFAIRS project acquires the following characteristics: a - it becomes a module of communication b - it becomes the vehicle and the location for a direct transfer of values; the interaction, the qualitative leap, the potential difference. c - it becomes the object of the most varied assignments. d - it dissolves and thus finds itself in simultaneities, available and yet divested from the indifference of the individual f - the process is not only by definition or viewpoint; it is in effect

There is probably no real difference between one event and another. Logically, no event can be conveyed. Ultimately, a genealogical situation, such as CURRENT AFFAIRS, will never be identical to the individual interests of the participant. Here, the potential difference is in effect between the presentation of products and the divesting intervention into ongoing procedures.

For information on projects realized under Current Affairs I, II, and III, see archiv
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