that led to ASA

Either the telling should be changed or we should hurry to become those angels at last.
The theorem is by nature mocking
(Two extraordinary ASA members)
From the question of form to the form of the questions:

It was decisive, and still is, to realize that there is no new theory or ism to be brought out but rather it is the person who must bring himself into the action, the performance.

The dissolution (vivisection) of that which defines painting in the areas of: a) color, b) form, c) substance, d) binding agent, e) vehicle, f) organisation, g) action, h) meaning


1977 Coestablishment of the Hamburger Künstlerhaus and the beginning of exhibition activities with invited artists; Founding of the KLEINER AUSSTELLUNGSRAUM (SMALL EXHIBITION SPACE)

1979 The exhibition space is defined as an open forum for both invited and uninvited artists.

First offer of Service Definitions of prefigurations: table - chair - cross/path - the oration - ark - Die Lade/Archive - The Gast/Gastgeberprinzip (Guest/Host Principle)

Decisive projects: Der Schwarze Raum (The Black Room) by K. Tilch; Malerei Schwarz-Malerei Weiá (Painting Black - Painting White); Zwei Monate Experimentelles Arbeiten (two months of experimental work); Das G„stehaus (The Guest House) / C. Riess; Lebensraum (Living-Space) Engelmann / Engelmann; Italienisch-Deutsche Kooperation (Italian - German cooperation) etc.

1981 Das Konzil (The Council) Approximately 40 people, from inside and outside the country, were invited. They gave their orations from a table set up specifically for the occasion. Duration of the event - 1 month

The projects that followed went into more detail and specified the thematic fields and the action spaces discussed at Das Konzil. In 1985 two considerations and coordinates went into their hot phases and merged into two performance concepts.

These two concepts, viewpoints, have been and will be in public opposition.

BLACK MARKET INTERNATIONAL is an association. It consists of eight european artists who have introduced a communications structure into performance art which, in my opinion, was not previously available. All group structures are, as far as possible, excluded. They are not applicable. The place is determined. The length of time and the beginning point is set. The performance takes place simultaneously, each giving his oration in parallel.

The principle of "BLACK MARKET", just as that of ASA, is available to the public as software, which becomes interaction through strict application. In the mean time, this form of encounter has been expanded through the addition of guests. The communal idea, the place of the encounter and the place of free oration are made public here within a relatively narrow cultural system (art). ASA (Art Service Association) is in opposition to BLACK MARKET INTERNATIONAL and was founded in the same year. It is completely free of any group structure and is available as a Tool for everyone. (Everything is possible, defining that which is not.) If this tool is not used, then ASA's existance is only virtual.

ASA is the product of misunderstood Language. Therefore: Poeticise the functions, occupy the interfaces, Quantum Poetics.

ASA is a strict, culture providing software. It is compatable with all hardware. As software (concept, program etc.), it forgoes all media presence; it is a virtual beauty.

The respective network quality increases from base level ASA as software.

Only through input, is ASA a recognisable entity of public interest.

Anyone can become an ASA software user if his vested interest is in the transfer of values. ASA terms a transfer of values to be what happens and how it happens as a performance and what form it takes publicly.

To initiate a transfer of values, in order to make this possible, Service is condensed into a menu and then developed within a given framework. (Interfaces).

The Service is targeted intervention, summoned or not. The place where intervention should occur is in the central interfaces that constitute the mental pool of a person.

ASA has founded several organisations. One of them is ASA-European e.V. Here the set ups, the input, are clarified as projects. Some of the organisational forms are provided as temporary, short term logistical aide.

ASA only exists when there is a will to act, when the Service is to be performed.

As with any tool, there is no point in the use of ASA. It is the transfer of values of the one who places himself in ASA that provides the meaning, the desire made public. All publicity becomes a forum in ASA. Each and every person is responsible for himself within this forum. He is free and he is subject to no hierarchy but only to his own self-imposed obligations.

In ASA, summoned or not Die Gabe is continually present.

ASA is not an art project. It puts values into transfer. In this way communication has a precise effect on all cultural activites, including art.

ASA is a communications pool into which energy, materials, matter and information are constantly being fed. It is impossible to receive anything directly from this pool, to draw anything out or to expect anything from it. Nonlinearly and nondeterminable by ASA, free floating forms materialise in unexpected places, for which ASA now sets the required framework. Within these boundries free floating forms take shape. They consist of information, ideas and matter and they solidify into wares projects or events and form meaningful relationships. Thereafter, these materialisations disappear once more into the pool, "ASA".

ASA is the absolute interaction in that, as form "alone", it is completely senseless and purposeless. It is in the activities of the guests where ASA makes its appearance. The more pure the intention, the clearer the form of the service. The Service is targeted intervention summoned or not. The place in which the intervention should happen is the central mental interface of the person.

Influences: H. Arendt, W. Benjamin, G. Brecht, M. Buber, M. Duchamp, Empedokles, R. Filliou, G. Th. Fechner, Fluxus, Heraklit, A. Jarry, H. v. Kleist, A. Kluge, G. Maciunas, Zygmunt Pio Trowski, C. Riess, J. W. Ritter, V. Flusser
Situationistische Internationale, Prediction, Aufmerksamkeitsschule, Tibetan Tantrism, Koans and the Wisdom of Women.
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