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Datum: Fri, 19 Jul 2002 11:38:21 +0200
Von: Alexandra <>
Stealing ideas, ownership  photography and performance 
Written by Performance Artist & Artist Alexandra Kostrubala 
I like to think that Art is about giving and performance art is a catalyst in Art. 

What I do in performance I view as my finest Art form, divide of materialism, getting into the power of now, where  I conclude the totality of the area, my body, the audience, and my ideas as raw and true. Performance Art is also a humbling Art form, very challenging for the audience and hence  sometimes  locked up behind some esoteric doors. 
When asked what my views about photographers and copy rights my instant thought was to encourage this exchange to  stimulate the synergy and understudying, to broaden the exposure and to be true to the catalyst nature that new art forms spring into action. 

I think that the rights of the photographs should be shared with the performance Artist and of course that the performance Artist name should be always included in presentation  But photographers should be inspired and given allowance to express them selves to their full potential.
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