All true lives is meeting. Meeting does not lay in time and space, but space and time lay in meeting
Martin Buber
B.M. is the name for a kind of cooperation between a few European performance- and theatre-artists. They do not appear as a group, do not write episodes together, no themes.
B.M. is not a property as a principle. By that it is guaranteed that the performances have many different starting points. The impulse can occur through each member or guest.
B.M. is a happening condition that a number of artists demonstrate their performances in parallel to one-another in one certain room and one certain time. These parallel performances are no created episodes, no stories and therefore B.M. must not defined itself as a group.
B.M. is an artistic idea, is a chosen relationship beyond cultural limits, an European idea.
B.M. makes it possible for the artists to feel himself in the space, to adjust himself to begin and to end an act, to present his repertoire to the full effect and to put it at one's disposal. Being as presence. In the performance the "typical presence" of the artist and his handling is the main reason and group for the meeting.
B.M. turns the perception of "Conceptual art" from head to toe. The synthesis is not to be draw, for B.M. is exclusively an event. In the performance, a hidden hope is expressed immediately. The person in dialogue with his partner vanishes and the narcissist, a technical, a news-media oriented person appears. The public spirit will concentrate on immaterial and it will be released in the manifestation.
B.M. connects time as a formed event with elementary presence. In the performance objects (helpful
objects) become performers of the same values.
B.M. is a principle of ethnically and cultural dimensions that express themselves in pictures behind pictures beyond the picture. This is the space in between that has to be built.
B.M. is a principle of attention investigation. In performance, attention does not happen as an obvious meditation but as the instinct, which choices the rightness from the variety of happenings, which guarantees an inner knowledge.
B.M. shows as exceptional example of art in life that the annulment of the difference of the location as idea (idea from the person and his acting is the idea) means the expansion of the performances conception.
B.M. knows that only the absolute solitude creates the concentrated togetherness.
B.M. creates the paradox that, what now exists, does not exist. The performance shows how certain experiences and perceptions are not upheld. "not repeating presence for it never will become present." The performance represents an event which sketches the contact as a model of a social meeting. During and after the performance, this sketch will be rejected and will outline itself as an event.
B.M. is performativ. The performance as a human action points at the effect through transmission, it is analogical. The performance forms different established values. But having entered the history of ritual's performance is in beyond reach.
B.M. is non-communicative in the sense of language, is situated prior to
language, is a kind of spiritual embarrassment.
B.M. shows as principle, that everything is possible and reduces therefore the knowledge about what to do to a minimum. The immaterial center of the performance is the common knowledge: that in the in between-the-people and the objects lays the tone, the temperature, frequency, the near and the far.
B.M. is a project in relation with the project Anthropognostic Dishes.
B.M. gives respect to
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b - The Prediction
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e - The Toolsgroup by the Council
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