from Libretto, 1996 
01. You are the sun that is in the sky, its rays. 

02. You are beautiful, remote, Living Sun.
03. Your flames are more brilliant than jewels.
04. You are great, powerful, limitless. 
05. King of Eternity. Forever young. 
06. You are the Bull. The Lion. 
07. The Conqueror. The Destroyer. 
08. God of Death.
09. You come with terror. 
10. You strike and the dead are fallen forever and ever. 
11. Lord of Slaughter. God of Carnage. Great in your Massacre. 
12. God of Fire, Judge of Men.
13. You are the Sun and the Moon, Ruler of North and South,
14. King in the West, Mighty God, Lord of Imentet. 
15. You created everything, King of Men.
16. You cannot be known.
17. You are the Ocean on the Earth.
18. Your Breath is the Air of the Wind. 
19. Your Rays are in the Faces and Eyes of Men. 
20. Your Skin Shines like Fire. 
21. When You Arise the Earth Lives. 
22. Lord of Maat, Lord of the fields, 
23. You are Life, 
24. He, who is a blessed one, 
25. The Royal Ka. 
26. He, whose mother Nüt acts for him;
27. He, whose soul is the soul of the world;
28. He, who has created the breath of life;
29. Herakete, Living One; 
30. Lord of Justice, 
31. You are "The-Rising-of-the-Water".
32. One-eyed God,
33. Lord of Life;
34. The Earth lives through you.
35. Ram of Rams,
36. Lord of Djedet!
37. God of Fire.
38. Conqueror, Destroyer.
39. Judge of Men.
40. King in the West. 
41. King of Men. 
42. Mighty God. Lord of Imentet, King of Eternity.
43. Complete.
44. On.
45. You are the Sun. You are the God of Light.
46. You are beautiful, remote, limitless, 
47. Living Sun, You cannot be known. 
48. You, who conquers Death; 
49. You, who are Lord of the Fields of Amentet;
50. You, who gives Breath to Life; 
51. You who are the Ocean on the Earth, 
52. Osiris, Un-nefer. 
53. When You Arise the Earth Lives.
54. Your Breath is the Air of the Wind. 
55. There is no God without You.
56. You are the Phoenix. 
57. You are the bird that rises in flame, that is reborn.
58. You are Life in Death.