Information 1, January 17. 1996

On November 18. 1995, in the course of the APIC'95 event, ASA-EUROPEAN and Boris Nieslony invited performance artists, organizers and theoreticians to a ROUND TABLE at the Belgische Haus in Cologne.
The goals of these talks were and continue to be:

I. Connecting the various local performance activities to international networks by means of organizationals structures which have yet to be developed.

II. The establishment of a permanent co-ordination center as

    a) an actual and permanent site for performance art to be released and developed, in theory and practice and with respect to organization (public relations in network form)
    b ) a center of information and forum for discussion in the internet
    c ) a software that may be and is intended to be multiplied and copied by other centers in the form of a network junction
    d ) as a theoretical place, a forum , in which performance art is subject to permanent discourse

III. The establishment of a central point to which international performance artists may turn and where they may perform in theory and practice. For this, floating information - beyond the place where it is found and formed - about the sites where performance art takes place, as well as about respective organizations and organizers, must be always available and continuously up-dated. This is meant to be an offer for organizers abroad.

IV. The development of a lobby and the search for sponsors. Over the next months, ASA-EUROPEAN will take over the coordination of individual steps and organize the next publication of this permanent conference.

Reactions up to now include the following papers, textes and letters:

1. Papers
- Elisabeth Jappe: Founding of a working group "PERFORMANCE CONFERENCE,,
- Performance Society, list of addresses and the idea of "THE YELLOW PAGES"
- Jürgen Raap: Reflections about contents, concept and structure Performance and Entertainment
- Peter Farkas: Goals
- Volker Hamann: "Permanent Performance Conference"
- Dr. Johannes Lothar Schröder: The setting up of a resources catalogue on extant literature about Performance art. Also, the assambly of an index and list of terms and keywords (Letter announcing these activities).
- enno stahl: Performance today, some subjectiv notices
- Boris Nieslony: Text " Networks and their structures" , "Some Approaches to a Favorite Topic" and Keywords.

2. The "Free Art Society" invites to a round table discussion, Topic: "STATUS QUO"
Thursday, 29. February 1996, 8 p.m., Gallery 68/11, Bismarckstr. 68, D - 50674 Cologne.

3. In co-ordination with EXP.I.MAT, ASA-European will publish a brochure containing the texts listed under 1. Additional information and textes should sent immediately to ASA-European The brochure is available for DM 10,- and will be ready end of March 1996.

4. The brochure also contains the first approach towards a performance compass (information to ASA-European). This compass is to be developed and is intended to become a fixture in the Internet. Name of the brochure "SLAPS, BANKS and PLOTS , the Performance User".

5. Bernd von den Brincken, enno stahl, J.L. Schröder and Boris Nieslony set up a working-group concerned with theoretical approach to the performance concept, i.e. the interpretative concepts. Results will be published. In order to work effectively, this working group is meant to remain small. Results will released on a six months basis and used a basis for lectures etc. The publication of the brochure and its release into the Internet is to be a forum, write-in reactions, submissions and tips are welcome. We will also dedicate ourselves to research.

6. Lists of the following are to be drawn up: sites of performances, people to contact in the culture departments of the press, Organizers concerned with performance art, magazines interested in performance - all this worldwide.

7. Setting up of an annual festival, at same time and place, with workshops, practical seminars, lectures, discussions etc.

8. A working group dealing with sponsoring and P.R. is to be established. This group has to be fully committed to its work.

9. Internet: connecting and updating. Roland Kerstein and Werner Gorzalka have agreed to provide the connection. Development of an "Universal Service N.E.T. (basic information service).

10. The "SCHWARZE LADE" of ASA-European will be available as an information center about performance art. Please file and integrate information and dossiers into this archive. In this respect, ASA-European intends to co-operate with "PERFORMANCE INDEX" in Basel/CH.

11. In the following, a list of those who were present at the Belgische Haus on November 18. is given. We would now like to affirm which groups or individuals will commit themselves to contributing to the performance conference, and which services. We ask for a description of the respective contribution and/or projections for potential offers at a later date, should there be problems at the moment. Or first look how it will turn out.

12. A strategic paper is to be drawn up addressing the problem of continuity with respect to research and publication contents.

13. Research topics (first ideas):
- Action - Prefigurations and Body Metaphorics, Lying, Sitting, Standing, Walking,
- Hanging, Falling, Binding, Eating (Ingesting and Secreting) etc.
- Rituals, Body and Enviroment, Body and the Elements, The Other, Body and Media Body and the Senses, The Picture, The Sculpture, The Body as an Installation, etc.

14.The development of practical structures resulting in a "permanent" set up (Conference) and a "temporary) publication (Conference). Parallel structure of the Conference Net behavior of the permanent conference. The conference as software and hardware publication (after the brochure): Date and time still open.

ASA-European offers: a 24-hours event.

In the course of 24 hours, performances, events, readings, lectures,round table discussions scenes etc. will take place at the same time in different places in different cities, professing to be part of the performance conference. A co-ordination office will be established, if this has not already been done. The actual sites of the performance, the conferences etc will be connected in various ways to the co-ordination office, the information will be on file there and may be passed on or can be loaded from there. The performances should be publications.

The ROUND TABLE will function as the center, the HOT-SPOT in Cologne. After readings, lectures and discussions, performative transitions to evening and night events will take place.

This 24 hour event requires both a co-ordinating public relations effort and decentralised information services.

We are looking forward to further actions, inspirations and discussions.

ASA-European and Boris Nieslony

Associated institutions:
ASA European e.V.
Moltkerei Werkstatt
Atelier Sömmering
68 elf
Ultimate Akademie
Performance Gesellschaft
Projekt Herzgehirn
Exp. i. mat
Ludom Club
Krash Verlag
Institut für Kommunikation
Humane Gesellschaft für Geistige Nekrophilie (HGGN)

Individuals, authors, artists who offered support:

B.B.B. Johannes Deimling
Dr. Johannes Lothar Schröder
Jürgen Raap
Jürgen Fritz
Volker Hamann
M. Motamedi
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