Zen Master Seung Sahn in Paris

The Kwan Um school of Zen's european center was opened on april 12th 1997 in Paris. The ceremony was accompanied by Zen Master Seung Sahn, who lives in the USA where he founded the school in 1972. So Seung Sahn's appearance was a good occasion to visit the new center in Paris and meet students and friends of zen buddhism from western and eastern countries. Some impressions from the ceremony are presented here.

Sounds from the ceremony

Pictures from the ceremony


Wu Bong - Jacob Perl


Grazyna Perl JDPSN

Laughter - Clap

Seung Sahn gallery


Dae Kwang


Sangha members




Paris Center







This page is not an official publication by the Kwan Um school of Zen. The USA branch of the Kwan Um school has a web site with basic texts and teachings about Zen, introduction of Kwan Um teachers and links to worldwide centers and other internet resources about Zen and Buddhism. In Germany the Kwan Um center offers information about its program and the school.

The Paris Zen Center is open to visitors and to everyone who wants to practice Zen meditation on an occasional or regular basis. Zen Master Wu Bong, Jacob Perl, and his wife, Grazyna Perl JDPSN live and teach at the center.
More information and dates for special events are available:

Centre Parisien de Bouddhisme Zen - Kwan Um
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Sounds and pictures by Igor Tschay, www-production by Bernd von den Brincken ( bvdb@asa.de ) in June 97 - ASA-Homepage.